EE-4: Basic Electrical design course – Level III

Course Description:

This third level design course is intended to prepare the target persons with the ability to perform the following electrical design calculations:

  1. Over current Protection Calculations,
  2. Conductor Ampacity Calculation,
  3. Voltage Drop Calculations.

The targeted Persons:

Design engineers, New graduate engineers, under graduate engineering students.

Skills Development:

On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

  • Design the overcurrent protection devices OCPD,
  • Select the proper overcurrent protection for certain applications,
  • Locating of the overcurrent protection devices OCPDs,
  • Perform Conductor Ampacity Calculation,
  • Perform Voltage Drop Calculations,
  • Create excellent knowledge base for advanced Level of electrical design course.

Course Outline:

First: Over current Protection Calculations:

1- Over Current Protection Definitions

2- Sizing of Overcurrent Protection Devices (OCPDs)

3- How to select the proper overcurrent protection for certain applications:

A- Conductors,

B- Flexible Cords and Flexible Cables,

C- Fixture Wires.

4- Selecting the proper overcurrent protection devices (OCPDs) for certain application

5- Locating of the overcurrent protection devices OCPDs - Part One

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