Electrical Courses

List of Courses

First: Electrical Design Courses

  • EE-6: Advance Electrical design course

  • EE-7: Software Programs application in electrical design course

Second: Lighting Design Courses

Third: HVAC Courses

Forth: Elevator Courses

Fifth: Light Current System Courses

  • LV-2: fire alarm design course

Sixth: NEC Code Courses

  • EC-2: Understanding NFPA 72 (national fire alarm and signaling code) course

  • EC-3: Understanding NFPA 780 (standard for installation of lightning protection systems ) course

Seventh: Tendering Courses

    Eighth: Testing, Inspection, Commissioning and handing over Courses

    • PM-3: Project Commissioning and handing over course

    • EM-1: Electrical testing and inspection course

    Ninth: Drafting Courses

    Tenth: Electrical Installation Courses

    • EM-2: beginner s' Electrical installation course

    • EM-3: Basic Electrical installation course

    Eleventh: Material and Equipment Courses

    • EP-1: Electrical procurement – switchgear course

    • EP-2: Electrical procurement – generators course

    • EP-4: Electrical procurement – Automatic voltage regulators course

    • EP-5: Electrical procurement – UPS course

    • EP-6: Electrical procurement – Load Bank course

    • EP-7: Electrical procurement – power factor Capacitor correction  course

    • EP-8: Electrical procurement – transient voltage surge suppression course

    • EP-9: Electrical procurement – Transfer switches course

    • EP-10: Electrical procurement – disconnecting switches course

    • EP-11: Electrical procurement – grounding and bonding course

    • EP-12: Electrical procurement – lightning course

    • EP-13: Electrical procurement – Instrumentation and control devices course

    • EP-14: Electrical procurement – protection Devices course

    • EP-15: Electrical procurement – raceway course

    • EP-16: Electrical procurement – wiring devices course

    • EP-17: Electrical procurement – Light fixtures course

    • EP-18: Electrical procurement – lighting control course

    • EP-19: Electrical procurement – wiring and cables course

    Other courses will be offered shortly.


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    2. Thank you for offering all of this great information. Just wondering if EE-4 and EE-5 will be offered soon?

    3. هى الحاجات اللى مش بتدخل دى لسه هتترفع ولا دى بفلوس ...وشكرا على المجهود

      1. all our courses are for free, the not-active courses will be activated later when preparing its articles.

    4. please update installation courses

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    7. Thank you for your wonderful effort,time and devotion. It will be a very important and really exclusive and special to add an ELECTRICAL SHOP DRAWING course. It's very rare ( almost NOT found) a course like this via internet " how to make shop drawings ".

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    10. When following courses are available?
      EE-6: Advance Electrical design course

      EE-7: Software Programs application in electrical design course

    11. I'm just finding out about this.. I've done a preliminary review and this courses are what I've been looking for. Cheers.! Thanks a lot. خزاك الله جيرا

    12. Are there any courses for 3phase induction motor,please