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Electrical engineering books, guides and manuals are very important for both site & designer electrical engineers , here , you will find a complete library for Electrical engineering books, guides and manuals.

The software programs become important tool in electrical engineering design. Here, you can find a lot of these software programs with instruction manuals and explanation.

All site and designer electrical engineers search for electrical drawings details. Here you will find complete sets of these details and guess?! It is for free.

Complete sets of electrical calculations spread sheets will be provide in this section which ease the electrical calculation for both site and designer electrical engineers.

Sometimes, you need to search for a product manufacturers, it will take time to get some of them. So, I put here complete lists of products manufacturers with description for their products

The steps for checking electrical works is included in what we called “check lists” which provide a safety and quality assurance for the installed electrical works anywhere.

Design templates

Test Reports

A work method statement is a document that details the way a work task or process is to be completed, all site engineers search the web for getting method statements templates, and no one will give to you for free. Sorry, we will do.

criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device; "the job specifications summarized the design criteria" ; "Design Criteria" are the benchmarks (criteria) against which a design will be measured to deem it successful or failed  or Design Criteria is a document to record the Consultant’s understanding of the project’s design requirements


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