Electrical Shop Drawings Course – Level I

Course Description:

This course is intended to prepare the target persons with the ability to understand the technical part of how to do shop drawings.

The targeted Persons: 

Design engineers, new graduate engineers, under graduate engineering students.

Skills Development: 

On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

  • Know Electrical Symbols, Abbreviations and Device Function Numbers,
  • Know Basic Elements of Electrical Drawings,
  • know Types of Electrical Drawings and all data that must be included in them,
  • Know types of Electrical Layouts and all data that must be included in them,
  • Know Types of Electrical schedules and all data that must be included in them.

Course Outline:




Shop drawings: Part One - Part Two

Protective Device Ratings

Connected Load Data

Instrument Transformer Data

Metering, Relaying, And Control Device Data

Available Short Circuit Current Data

Cable Ratings

Bus Ratings

1.2 Three-Line Diagram,

1.3 Schematic Diagram, Or Elementary Diagrams,

1.4 Connection/Wiring Diagram,

1.5 Interconnection Diagram,

1.6 Block Diagram,

1.7 Logic Diagram,

1.8 Ladder Diagrams,

1.9 Riser Diagrams,

1.10 Pictorial Diagrams,

1.11 Terminal Diagram,

1.12 Combination Diagrams,

1.13 Electrical Arrangement Drawings,

2- Electrical Layouts (plans),
Lighting and power Plan Drawings,

Cable and Raceway (Conduit) Drawings,

Ground Grid Plan,

Equipment Layout Drawings,

Low voltage systems Plan Drawings,

Utility (Site) Plan,

Underground Utility/Manhole Drawings,

Overhead Pole Line Layout Drawings,

Switchgear Layout Drawings,

Motor Control Center (MCC) Layout Drawings,

Installation Detail Drawings.

3- Electrical Schedules.
Cable and Raceway Schedules,

Panelboard Schedules,

Circuit Breaker Switchgear Schedule,

Motor Control Center (MCC) Schedule,

Equipment Schedules,

Lighting Fixture and Receptacle Schedules.

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