Tender Documents Preparation Phase Step - Part One

As I said earlier in the Post of Blog Business Plan - God willing - I will explain in detail all matters relating to the last step of the Designer work which the preparation of Tender Document or what is been called "Tender Document Preparation phase step".

Of course, the preparation of the tender documents step must start after the completion of the previous steps in the design process, which we have mentioned previously, namely:

1.                 CONCEPT DESIGN PHASE STEP

Start today, my explanation for such a step as follows:

Tender Documents Preparation phase step part one


-Q1 What is the definition of the term " TENDER " ?

Tender is a written offer to be submitted by the contractor to the owner or his representative for the implementation of the works assigned by the owner or his representative , this offer must include prices values for each item and prepared based on the conditions and requirements specified in the tender documents.

-Q2 What is the definition of the term " Tender Documents ? "

Tender documents are those documents delivered to the contractors by the owner or his representative in order to obtain priced contractors' bids based on the conditions and requirements described in these documents.

-Q3 who will prepare the Tender Documents ?

Due to diversity of tender documents, we find that the process of preparation, involving more than one person, including:

·                     Design engineer
·                     Quantity Surveyor
·                     Contracts Specialist (can be an engineer - lawyer - accountant or all)

-Q4 What are the types of Tender Documents ?

Tender documents have many types as follows:

·                     Advertisement to Bid / Invitation to Bid
·                     Draft contract 
·                     General Terms & Conditions
·                     Special Terms & Conditions
·                     General Specifications / Statements of Works
·                     Technical Specifications
·                     Final Approved Drawings
·                     Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
·                     Schedule of project Execution

-Q5 What are the tender documents being prepared by the Designer which classified under his full responsibility?

The designer - and here of course talking about the designer engineer of electrical works - is responsible directly for the preparation of the following documents:

  • General Terms & Conditions for Electrical Works
  • Special Terms & Conditions for Electrical Works
  • General Specifications / Statements of for Electrical Works
  • Technical Specifications for Electrical Works
  • Final Approved Drawings for Electrical Works

-Q6 What are the tender documents classified under partial responsibility of designer?

The designer is partially responsible for the preparation of the following tender documents:

  • Bill of Quantities BOQ for Electrical works  

Indeed the BOQ preparation is the responsibility of Quantity Surveyor but in the absence of Quantity Surveyor, it will be under the full responsibility of the designer.

-Q7 What are the responsibilities of the designer during the tender phase?

The responsibilities of designer during the tender phase are as follows:

·                     Answer all contractors questions about the technical specifications, general specifications, general conditions and special conditions related to electric works being implemented in the project under tender.
·                     Evaluation of technical and sometimes financial bids from the contractors in accordance with the method used in the assessment (there are several different evaluation methods will be explained later)

-Q8 What are the types of contractors questions need to be clarified by the Designer?

Divided inquiries contractors required clarification by the design engineer to several groups or types as follows:

·                     Questions regarding tender documents' Unclear data
·                     Questions regarding tender documents' Wrong Data
·                     Questions regarding tender documents' Missed Data
·                     Questions regarding tender documents' Inapplicable Data
·                     Questions regarding tender documents' Conflict Data

See you in the second part for Tender Documents Preparation phase step.

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