Sound System Description

Sound system description:

The sound system is a set of equipments wired together which used to reinforce a sound source and distributing the sound throughout a place or a building. It can also be used to enhance the sound of the source.

Sound systems vary between small simple and large complex systems.

Some audio engineers differentiate between the term "audio system/ sound reinforced system" and the term" public address system" in the technology, capability and intended use of each one. While other engineers consider the two terms interchangeable.

The professional audio engineers try to distribute the sound signal to a through a certain place and enhance it in the same time without loosing its quality.

There are many problems can occur during broadcasting sound such as feedback, interference with other signals and sound unbalance.

Simply, The method for how sound system work is picking up a sound signals using certain devices (input devices) then controlling, equalizing, compressing or panning this signal by group of other devices (intermediate devices) then the signals being routed to speakers and horns (output devices)

I.e. the sound system converts sound waves mechanical energy into electrical energy by using some types of transducers, increasing and enhancing the electrical energy using electronic circuits and then converting it back to reinforced sound waves by using other types of transducers.

 fig.1 :sound system stages

However, any sound system consists of 3 main stages as follows:see fig.1

Input stage: Audio to Electric Sound Conversions.
Intermediate stage: Sound Amplification.
Output stage: Electric to Audio Sound Conversions

In the next topics, I will explain in detail each one of these stages.

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