ED-1: Electrical drawings course

Course Description:
This course is intended to prepare the target persons
with the ability to read, understand and check the
 integrity of all electrical drawings types.
In addition, this course will teach the target
 persons how to draw all electrical drawings types
 that complying with the international codes and regulations.

The target Persons:
Design engineers, Electrical site engineers, Maintenance engineers, contractors, electrical technician, inspectors, and project managers.

Skills Development:
On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

  • Read, understand, interpret and check the integrity of all electrical drawings types.

  • Recognize all types of electrical drawings that can be used in any project.

  • Create all electrical drawings types that complying with the international codes and regulations.

Course outline:
1-     Reading an electrical drawing (what is this?):
·        Electrical symbols
·        Electrical Abbreviations
·        Basic layout:
·              Title block
·              Revision block
·              Legends
·              Zoning
·              Notes:
2-understanding an electrical drawing (did you know?):
·        Drawings sizes
·        Types of drawings:
·        Construction drawings
·        Shop drawings : Part One - Part Two
·        As built drawings
·        Composite (Coordination) drawings
·        Record drawings

·        Numbering system for drawings (Part One)(Part Two)
·        Lines types

·        Lettering and numerals
·        Scale
·        Positioning parts on drawings:
·        Sections
·        Views
·        Details
·        Identification
·        Locating

3- Creating a drawing (how to do?):

·        Symbols, notes and abbreviations drawing
·        Point to point Wiring drawings
·        Specification control drawing
·        Schematic drawing
·        Details drawing
·        Equipment schedule drawing
·        Floor plan drawing
·        Site Layout

  4- Check integrity of drawings (is it correct?):

·        Basics of drawings Revision.
·        Compliance checklists with regulations.
·        Comments on drawings

5- Management of drawings:

·        Drawings process flow

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