Learn NEC Rules for Free - Part One


Many of us recognize how difficult it is to study and understand all NEC    rules and articles in addition to the difficulty in applying these rules professionally and accurately.  In my Opinion, we get these difficulties due to the following reasons:

1- "All of this… impossible"
Most of us believe that when we are browsing NEC book and focus our eyes on its large size which more than 800 pages. in addition to its writing format which was two columns and narrow paragraphs in the same page.

2- "either total or not"
Most of us believe that if we studied some of the NEC articles and did not be able to study the other ones so, this will be waste of time.

3- "Study it continuously or forget it"
Most of us believe that either we are able to study NEC articles at once and in a specified period or we will not be able to apply it professionally.

4- "Now, I will start"
Most of us try to study the NEC without prior planning so; we open the NEC book on a specific chapter or article and began reading. This action is like entering a war without a plan, hence we will be defeated.

5- "Who knows?"
Most of us believe that getting information from others will be the faster, more powerful and easiest way than taking time in doing a search.

There may be other reasons but these are the major ones.

Now, what is the solution? And how we overcome all those reasons above?

The answer is by applying the following rules:

First Base "trusts in your self" you study lot of books before and NEC is just another one.

Second Base (Powered yourself positively) you are able to study, understand and apply professionally NEC Rules and you can do it.

Third Base "no such thing called impossible" one day, the possible asked the impossible said to him: Where did you live The impossible Saied; I live in the impotents' dreams.

Forth Base "to be One-eyed better than being a blind" you can study some parts of NEC rules and complete the others after that.

Fifth Base (keeping track of everything at once, it spoiled everything at once) you must focus on one article and didn't leave unless you understand it completely then you can go to someone else.

Sixth Base (don't begin without a plan) Put a study plan appropriate to your abilities and compel yourself to follow it.

Seventh Base (be patient and work hard so, every start is a difficult and every success need efforts)

Eighth Base "Do not be passive person and participate as follower in my site" it will not cost you anything except a minute of your time .so, Register now and then continue reading.

How to learn easily the NEC rules?

In order to learn the NEC rules, you should follow the next steps:

1- Learn the Electrical terms meaning, there are hundreds of Electrical terms that you should know and differentiate between them, it is necessary to understand the meaning of each term in order to understand the NEC rule governing it.

Example: did you know the difference between these three terms Ground, Grounded & Grounding?

Note that there is a difference and you need to know it before studying governing rules of grounding process .so, do you realize now the importance of studying electrical terminology first?

Note: a full electrical terminology dictionary will be posted under Library – electrical dictionary directory.

2- Take care of every word and letter while reading because it may give different meanings.

Example: What is the difference between the meaning of letter OR in the first sentence and the second sentence?

I can see by the right eye or the left eye or both.
I can eat by using Spoon or Fork.

Note: Dear reader, you can write the answer in the comments or wait for the next topic.


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