General Basics of Electricity

in this Topic, I will review with you all the electrical basics, Although most of us may know it or know most of it, but trust me, if anyone need to be expert in a field , he must be involved in all the basics of this field.

I will not explain in detail this basics , but I will put here summary files which be short but be enough to refresh your electrical basics totally.

so,please download all of these files, review it before we can proceed with some advanced Topic in the field.

if anyone need to be expert in a field , he must be involved in all the basics of this field"

1- Electrical circuits basics:

Electrical circuit definition - Electrical charge - Conventional electric current - Electric current – Voltage - Conductors and insulators - DC circuits - AC circuits.

to download Electrical circuits basics, please click here

2- Electrical circuit’s configuration

Electrical circuit elements - Resistance, Resistivity and Conductivity – Capacitor – Inductor - Resistor combinations - Capacitor combinations – Impedance - Impedance combinations – Admittance - Resonance circuits.

to download Electrical circuit’s configuration, please click here

3- Batteries

Carbon Zinc batteries - Lead-acid batteries – Alkaline batteries.

to download Batteries, please click here

4- Electrical Measurements

Moving coil meters – Voltmeter – Ammeter – Ohmmeter - Galvanometer.

to download Electrical Measurements, please click here

5- Electricity and Magnetism Laws

Coulomb’s Law - Gauss’s Law - Electric field - Ampere’s Law – Biot - Savart’s Law - Faraday’s Law - Lorentz Force ‘s Law - Left and Right hand rules - Maxwell’s equations.

to download Electricity and Magnetism Laws, please click here

6- Electrical circuits Law and Theorems

Kirchhoff’s Law - Ohm’s Law - Resistivity calculations - DC electrical power - Resistor losses - RMS and effective values - AC power - Superposition theorem - Thevenin’s theorem - Norton’s theorem - Delta /Star Transformation.

to download Electrical circuits Law and Theorems, please click here

in the next Topic, I will talk about the Electrical Systems Configurations.


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