Transformer Calculations Spreadsheets

1- GE Transformer & Short Circuit Calculator

Transformer Design Principles: With Applications to Core-Form Power Transformers, Second Edition

This Calculator contains:

a- Simple Calculations
It will furnish base current and extend current capability for identified transformers as well as maximum short circuit current based on infinite MVA at transformer primary.

b- Detailed Calculations 
It will provide base load current and short circuit currents for identified transformers considering primary MVA and impedance details for transformer and Utility.

c- Transformer Tables
It will provide based and extend rating currents for various sizes and types of transformers.

To download GE Transformer & Short Circuit Calculator , click Here

2- Transformer Rating Calculators 

It Calculates the following:

  • Primary current, FLA
  • Secondary current, FLA
  • Primary Fuse Rating Max & Min
  • Secondary Breaker
  • Fault Duty, Primary
  • Fault Duty, Secondary

To download Transformer Rating Calculators, click Here

3- Transformer Harmonic Calculators

Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics
It Calculates the following:

  • Calculated RMS Current, FLA
  • Calculated Harmonic Factor

To download Transformer Harmonic Calculators, click Here

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