Tender Forms and Schedules - Part Two

In the previous Topic (Tender Forms and Schedules), I explain the first part of these forms and schedules and today I will continue explaining the second and final part of them under our course (Tender Documents Preparation course PM-1).

I showed that the Schedule of Supplementary Information shall be submitted using the forms included as part of the tender documents, and include the following information: 
  • Attachment 1 - Preliminary Program. 
  • Attachment 2 – Tenderers Qualifications & Financial Information. 
  • Attachment 3 – Other Information. 
Today, I will explain these attachments in detail as follows:

Attachment 1 - Preliminary Program
It includes the following forms and schedules:

  1. Site Organisation And Method Statement. 
  2. Mobilization And Construction Schedules. 
  3. Contractor’s Equipment. 
  4. Contractor’s Personnel. 
  5. Resume Of Proposed Personnel Form 
  6. List Of Proposed Subcontractors. 

1- Site Organization And Method Statement Form
The Tenderer shall provide general description of the arrangements and method statement which the Tenderer intends to adopt for the execution of the Works. The Tenderer’s arrangements and method statement should demonstrate their adequacy for satisfactory execution of the Works in conformity with the Tender Documents.

2- Mobilization And Construction Schedules
The Tenderer shall provide information and/or schedule showing the order in which the Tenderer intends to carry out the Works including the anticipated timing of each stage of the performance of the Contract including but not limited to:

  • Mobilization of the Contractor’s Plant and Equipment. 
  • Execution of each key construction activity including anticipated construction rates and estimated timing for commencement and completion. 
  • Details relating to the sources of the key materials, estimated transportation distances for the materials. 
  • Other information as the Tenderer deems relevant or appropriate. 

3- Contractor’s Equipment Form
The Tenderer shall provide adequate information to demonstrate clearly that it has the capability to meet the requirements for the key equipment listed in Evaluation and Qualification Criteria.

A separate Form shall be prepared for each item of equipment listed, or for alternative equipment proposed by the Tenderer.

4- Contractor’s Personnel Form
Proposed Personnel Tenderers should provide the names of suitably qualified personnel to meet the specified requirements for each of the positions listed in Evaluation and Qualification Criteria.


5- Resume Of Proposed Personnel Form
The Tenderer shall provide all the information requested in this form for each of the personnel listed in the schedule of the Contractor’s Personnel.

6- List Of Proposed Subcontractors
Where the Tenderer proposes to use a named subcontractor (s) for the execution of any part of the Works, the Tenderer shall provide detailed information for each proposed subcontractor in this form.

To download a copy of Attachment-1 forms and schedules, please click on the link.

Attachment 2 – Tenderers Qualifications
It includes the following forms and schedules:

  1. Tenderer Information Sheet.
  2. Historical Contract Non-Performance.
  3. Average Annual Construction Turnover.
  4. Financial Resources.
  5. Current Contract Commitments / Works In Progress.
  6. General Construction Experience.
  7. Specific Construction Experience.

1- Tenderer Information Sheet
The Tenderer shall provide information about himself to demonstrate that he continues to meet the criteria used at the time of prequalification.

Specialist Subcontractor Information Sheet
The Tenderer shall provide information about Specialist subcontractor for the execution of any part of the Works.

2- Historical Contract Non-Performance
This form is used to demonstrate the soundness of the Tenderer’s financial position, showing long-term profitability.

3- Average Annual Construction Turnover
The Tenderer shall have an average annual turnover as prime contractor (defined as billing for works in progress and completed) over the last 5 years.

4- Financial Resources
Specify proposed sources of financing, such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means, net of current commitments, available to meet the total construction cash flow demands of the subject contract or contracts as indicated in Evaluation and Qualification Criteria.

5- Current Contract Commitments / Works in Progress
Tenderers and each partner should provide information on their current commitments on all contracts that have been awarded, or for which a letter of intent or acceptance has been received, or for contracts approaching completion, but for which an unqualified, full completion certificate has yet to be issued.

6- General Construction Experience
The Tenderer shall demonstrate that it has successful experience as prime contractor in the execution of at least three projects of a nature and complexity comparable to the proposed contract within the last 5 years.


7- Specific Construction Experience
Participation as contractor or management contractor in at least manage contracts within the last 5 years , each with a value of at least (___), that have been successfully and substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed Works. The similarity shall be based on the physical size, complexity, methods/technology or other assigned characteristics.

To download a copy of Attachment-2 forms and schedules, please click on the link.

Attachment 3 – Other Information
It includes the following forms and schedules:

  1. Details of proposed insurer (s). 
  2. Details of proposed bank issuing performance and advance payment securities. 

1- Details Of Proposed Insurer(S)
The Tenderer shall provide name(s) and address(s) the insurer(s) and its/their principal terms for the insurances required under the Contract

2- Details Of Proposed Bank Issuing Performance And Advance Payment Securities
The Tenderer shall provide the name and the address of the issuing bank, which will provide the Performance and Advance Payment Securities. The Tenderer shall also provide information about the current credit rating of the issuing bank by Moodys or Standard & Poors or other rating agencies.

To download a copy of Attachment-3 forms and schedules, please click on the link.

Other Forms
As I said before, The tender schedules have many types of forms, so for each unique tender, we must assigned Cleary the needed Tender Schedules for this tender which differ from one tender to other , some tender schedules are mandatory , some need to be added , some need to be ignored and some need to be created for certain evaluation purposes.

And here, I list some forms that can be added to some tender forms as follows:

1- Manufacturer’s Authorization Form
a tenderer shall submit the Manufacturer’s Authorization, using the form included as part of the tender documents where the tenderer does not manufacture or produce the Goods it offers to supply.

2- Eligibility of Goods and Related Services Form
To establish the eligibility of the Goods and Services in accordance with tender evaluation criteria, tenderers shall complete the Eligibility of Goods and Related Services form included as part of the tender documents.

the term goods includes commodities, raw material, machinery, equipment, and industrial plants; and related services includes services such as insurance, transportation, installation, commissioning, training, and initial maintenance

3- Local Agent Form:
a tenderer shall submit evidence that it will be represented by an Agent in the country, equipped and able to carry out the Supplier’s maintenance, repair and spare parts-stocking obligations prescribed in the Conditions of Contract and Requirements, where a tenderer does not conduct business within the Employer’s Country.

in the next Topic, I will explain the Contract Draft and Contract Types. please, keep following.

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