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Statement of Work (SOW):

What is a Statement of Work SOW?

Generally, it is a document which states the works to be done, execution time line, pricing in detailed and deliverables in spot of general / special terms and conditions.

1- Every contracting company, consulting office or governmental authority has its own SOW document which will be different in formats and styles from others.

2- SOW will be considered as a binding contract after approval from all parties but it can be modified later after agreement of all Contract Parties.

How to writ a SMART SOW?

To write a SMART SOW we must know the SMART structure for it, The SMART format of SOW will include the following sections:
1- Title
this section identifies the name of the project, project’s main requirements and contracting mechanism.

this section provide information about the owner and his needed goals for the project.

this section clarify the owner’s goals from the tendering process and clarify the permissible number of contractors (one or multi) who will win this tender and clarify also the required type of Contractor; consists of a firm or an individual providing services, or both.

4-Estimated value 
this section provides guidance for total tender value to the Bidders. This value may be a fixed value or estimated high / low ranges or amount not to exceed value.

5-Definitions and applicable documents 
this section provides interpretation of the terminology and documents included in the tender to prevent misunderstanding of tender requirements.

6-Business and/or technical environment 
this section identify operational requirements of the work (e.g. normal working hours) and infrastructure with which the Contractor will be required to work in the Contract stage.

7-Description and scope of work 
this section provides guidance to assist Bidders in understanding the work to be undertaken and provide clarity in developing their Proposals.

this section clearly identifies the products or outcomes that the Contractor is required to produce in order to receive payment.

9-Contractor resource requirements & qualifications 
this section identify the skills of contractor stuff and an approximate division of labour for activities associated with each of the Contractor’s resources for the completion of the work.

10-Approach and methodology 
How to Write a Statement of Workthis section describes how the Contractor will specifically go about the completion of the work under the resulting contract but note that The Contractor is required to provide its own specific methodology for the completion of the tasks and deliverables.

11-Performance standards and quality assurance 
this section identifies the owner’s expectations for the outcome of the work, or, the level of performance required from the Contractor.

12-Reporting and communications 
this section describes the obligations on the Contractor to maintain contact with the owner during the contract period. It also identifies any specific reports that the Contractor will be required to provide during the work execution.

13-Risks and constraints 
this section inform Bidders of any unusual or exceptional risks and/or constraints beyond those inherent in undertaking the contract (e.g. risk of physical harm, risk of third party litigation, etc.)

14-Contractor responsibilities 
in this section, Contractor Responsibilities are itemized to help mitigate the risk to the owner.

15-Government representative and support 
this section identifies the responsibilities/commitments on the part of the owner to support the Contractor in the successful completion of the work.

16-Location of work and travel 
this section specifies the geographic location(s) where the owner requires the delivery of services and whether/how any requirements for Contractor travel will be reimbursed by the owner under the resulting contract.

17-Language of work 
this section specifies the Contractor’s obligations and service delivery requirements with respect to the language of work.

18-Security requirements 
this section identify requirements for the Contractor to comply with the owner’s security requirements like requirements for contractor stuff clearances or other.

19-Intellectual property/copyright 
this section indicates which party will own or have rights to any intellectual property used to complete the work.

20-Green procurement and services 
this section identifies requirements for the Contractor to comply with the authority/owner’s requirements under the Policy on Green Procurement. e.g. use of recycled materials, etc

21-Commencement, duration and award 
this section identifies the legal time frame for the resulting contract mechanism and the commencement of work under the agreement.

22-Contractor’s proposal 
this section incorporates the Contractor’s Proposal into the resulting contract. This ensures the Owner’s ability to enforce the Contractor’s commitments made at the tender stage in the resulting Contract.

this section identifies any legal obligations imposed on the Contractor toward insurance or the need to offer a warranty or guarantee.

Finally, remember that the SOW documents may contain all or some of the above sections according to the owner requirements.

Federal Statements of Work: A Practical Guide

To download examples from SOW document, please click here and here

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