DIALux Lighting Software Program - Red Version

the Red version of DIALux

Today, we will began explaining the Red version of DIALux , firstly this version can be used for performing various lighting calculations as follows:

  • Indoor lighting calculations
  • Outdoor lighting calculations
  • Street lighting calculations
  • Lighting Scenes
  • Emergency lighting calculation
  • Daylight Calculations
  • Energy Evaluation Calculations
  • Sport site calculations

Lighting Design Basics

And now we will began to explain these calculations one by one

Firstly, we will began by the indoor lighting calculations as follows:

  • Run the DIALux program then follow the pictures one by one

There are some other options existing in the Guide menu and i will explain it but in the next Topic shortly , just keep following.

Interior Lighting for Designers 4th Edition with Lighting Design Basics Set

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