LV-1: Basic Sound system design course

 Course Description:

This basic design course in sound system is intended to prepare the target persons with the ability to design such type of systems inside the regular buildings as a broadcasting systems or conference systems. 

The target Persons:

Design engineers, New graduate engineers, under graduate engineering students.

Skills Development:

On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

  • understand all sound terms and definitions
  • recognize different components of sound system
  • perform design calculations for sound system
  • Create excellent knowledge base for advanced Level of sound system design course.

Course outline

  1. Introduction

  1. System Description

  1. System main stages:

    1. Input stage:
·        Microphones
·        Sound recorder

    1. Intermediate stage:
·        Equalizers
·        Mixer amplifier
·        pre-amplifier
·        Audio amplifier (boosters)
·        Monitor unit
·        Speaker selector
·        Power supply
    .  Terminal Boards
·       Crossover

    1. Output stage:
·        Speakers:

    1. Sound rack 

  1. System Configuration 
    1. Public Broadcasting System
    2. Indoor radio system
    3. Outdoor broadcasting system
    4. Conference systems:
·              Open conference system
·              Partially open conference system
·              Controlled conference system

  1. System design:
    1. Introduction
    2. Fundamentals of Acoustics and Audio Systems
    3. Properties of Sound (Part One)
    4. Basic Laws of sound:
·              Inverse square law
·              Needed acoustic gain NAG
·              Potential acoustic gain PAG
·              PAG with feedback stability margins (FSM)
·              PAG with the number of open microphones
·              Needed amplifier gain NAP
·              The automatic microphone mixer solution
·              The quickest fix of PAG:
·              Mic placement
·              Speaker placement

  1. Design methods:
    1. Conference systems:
·              Using Mathematical equations
·              Using software programs (GainCalc)

    1. Internal broadcasting system:
·  Determination of the numbers of ceiling speakers
·  Determination of the numbers of wall speakers
·  Determination of the numbers of Horns
·  Determination of Amplifier power rating

  1. Wiring

  1. Estimating dB of noise level

  1. summary

  1. Troubleshooting of sound systems

  1. Dictionary of sound system


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