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. Power Quality & Utilization Guide
Below is an overview of the Leonardo Power Quality Guide, which currently consists of 49 Application Notes.

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. Maintenance Manager's Guide to Power Quality

There is much technical and conceptual information about Power Quality (PQ) available today – some is highly academic, some less so, but little if any is directly related to methodical measurement of end users’ electrical installations specifically for Maintenance Managers.

Table of contents:

1- Maintenance managers' guide overview

this Guide offers qualified PQ information relating to several different plant or office building scenarios in terms of the power system measurements required to understand and manage the following typical cases:

  • Premature wear or breakdown of electrical equipment 
  • Unexpected circuit-breaker tripping 
  • Electrical equipment over-heating 
  • Inconsistent behaviour of components due to inadequate earthing systems 
  • Loss of voltage gensets 
  • Incorrectly rated voltage gensets 
  • Malfunction of electrical equipment 
  • Lack of synchronisation between equipment 
  • Low electrical insulation leading to high risk of breakdowns 

2- The Maintenance Manager's Guide to PFC Capacitor Banks
This chapter is intented to give a short introduction to PFC capacitor banks and helps answering the following questions :

  • Why are capacitor banks installed?
  • What kind of PQ problems do capacitors experience?
  • How are capacitor problems identified?
  • How do you analyse the measurements and define corrective actions?
3- The maintenance manager's guide to circuit protection
In this guide, circuit protection is detailed as a way to ensure an installation is safe and functional.

4- Maintenance manager's guide to static ups
This guide to static UPS maintenance first describes the working principles of a static UPS, then it explains the benefits of proactive maintenance. It lists the main issues static UPS may experience, and finally provides a step by step checklist of main attention areas.

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