Electrical Drawing Details - Group no.(1)

Electrical Drawing Details Group#1

this group will include the following Electrical Drawing Details:

  • Schedule of pull/junction boxes and lighting outlets back boxes.

  • Standard mounting details of distribution board.

  • MICC/PVC cable system fixed on the soffit of RCC roof beam.

  • Details for cable termination in MV panel.

  • MICC/PVC cable system passing through the expansion joint.

  • Typical free barrier arrangement for vertical risers.

  • Standard mounting details for electrical light fitting.

  • Conduit on soffit of roof slab above false ceiling.

  • Standard typical arrangement of flush mounted break glass or bell.

  • Typical arrangement of smoke detector surface mounted.

  • Standard mounted height of switch and outlets.

  • Standard mounting details for electric light fitting.

  • Cables on cable try running along the wall vertical.

  • Typical arrangement of smoke detector surface mounted.

  • Standard details for MICC cable gland.

  • Socket outlet installation (non insulated wall).

  • Ground electrode assembly.

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