DIALux Lighting Software Program

DIALux Lighting Software Program

There are two Dialux Programs as follows:
  • DIALux Main (Red Version)
  • DIALux Light (Blue Version)

Today, I will explain the Dialux Light (Blue Version) as follows:

1-Run the program, you will get the first page , click next.

2- in this page, enter the Project name, room name, project description, any project additional information, designer data and designer’s company data. After finishing, click next.

3-in this page, enter the room geometry dimension, reflection factors, maintenance factor, height of work plane and select the luminaire type from the catalogs button.

4-in this page and after pressing catalogs button, select one of the (3) options indicated as : dialux catalog, online catalogs, luminaire files and my database
Press my database as an example.

5-in this page, select (*) to get all the luminaires which installed by default with the program.

6-in this page, select the luminaire by pressing on its name, then press apply button for confirm lumiaire type selection, than press close button to return to program page step #4.

7-in this page, you will find the selected lumiaire  data from step #6 is added to lumiaire selection part, then select the luminaire mounting method, then enter the suspension height and then press next button.

8-in this page, enter the planned illumination level (lux), then press suggestion button which will show you luminaire arrangement inside the room with estimated Lux for this arrangement.
You can change the arrangement of the suggested luminaires and change their distance from the wall ,ceiling and from each other in the horizontal and vertical arrangement part
You can also make rotation for luminaire from the luminaire parameters part, then after you get suggested LUX near the planned one , press calculate button

9-in this page, the luminaire distribution with lux levels will be indicated, check that all the values are as the planned ones and then press next.

10-in this page, select the output type and format of the calculations results , you can print the output file or save it as a dialux project file / PDF file , then pres next to finish the dialux program calculations for the assigned room.

11-in this page, you can select either finishing the program by pressing finish button or activate the empty square box for doing calculations for other rooms.

To Download Dialux Program- Latest Version, press on below Link
To Download Dialux English Manual- Latest Version, press on below Link

To Download all manufacturers’ catalogs/Plugins that work with Dialux Program, press below Link


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