Building Services Handbook

Building Services Handbook

Building Services Handbook

  • This book is very important to the electrical engineers to be familiar with all the building services that he can deal with them inside any building. Most of these systems are mechanical system which will need power for operation. The expert engineer must be aware of the components of these systems and its general theory of operation to provide the right numbers and ratings of power circuits feeding it.
  • The services included in this book are cold and hot water supplies, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, drainage, sanitation, refuse and sewage disposal, gas, electricity, oil installation, fire services, transportation, Security Installations, accommodation for services, energy recovery and alternative energy.

  • This book is presented in a comprehensive format to emphasize the importance of the numerous specialist professions and trades. It combines with the companion volume Building Construction Handbook to introduce the principles of the modern serviced building, with regard to the impact the subject has on contemporary design. This book is not intended as prescriptive, neither is it extensive. It is by definition a handbook, and as such is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of a wide range of topics. Where appropriate, sources for further reading and research are provided.

Contents of the Book:
  • Part One: Cold Water and Supply Systems
  • Part Two: Hot Water Supply Systems

  • Part Three: Heating Systems

  • Part Four: Fuel Characteristics and Storage

  • Part Five: Ventilation Systems

  • Part Six: Air Conditioning

  • Part Seven: Drainage Systems, Sewage Treatment and Refuse Disposal

  • Part Eight: Sanitary Fitments and Appliances: Discharge and Waste Systems

  • Part Nine: Gas Installation, Components and Controls

  • Part Ten: Electrical Supply and Installations

  • Part Eleven: Mechanical Conveyors; Lifts, Escalators and Travellators

  • Part Twelve: Fire Prevention and Control Services

  • Part Thirteen: Security Installations

  • Part Fourteen: Accommodation for Building Services

  • Part Fifteen: Alternative and Renewable Energy

  • Part Sixteen: Appendices

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