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Cummins Onan Marine Generators (fig.1)

fig (1): Cummins Onan Marine Generators 

The world’s oceans, the great lakes and even the warm climes of the Caribbean are often focal points for nature’s worst tempests. Whether aboard a pleasure craft or freighter, a loss of power can be alarming, expensive and even dangerous. Yet, Cummins Onan can bring you over 70 years of marine experience when it comes to providing dependable power...despite the elements and other robust conditions.

It is the industry’s foremost leader in marine generator set production, supplying product to the military, recreational and commercial boaters, and some of the finest yacht builders in the world.

The Cummins Onan line of diesel and gasoline generator sets range from 4-99 kW. They provide state-of-the-art controls and diagnostics, reliability as well as smooth, quiet operation.


  1. Quiet Diesel Series – Diesel Generator Sets 
  2. Accessories and Parts for Marine Generators 

1- Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel™ Series
The Cummins Onan brand is leading the way by offering the most innovative marine generator sets available, making boating simpler. Cummins Onan digital series generator sets, which include Quiet Diesel - QD™ models, give you smart power with user-friendly diagnostic information. Cummins self-monitoring system and flexible network communications bring you a new level of information for worry-free boating...simply smart.

Features :
  • The Cummins Onan Digital Display provides user-friendly diagnostics including extensive engine and alternator information, self-protection features, and text display.
  • Largest worldwide certified Distributor/Dealer support network in the industry 
  • The Cummins Onan advanced design and development process uses technology to lower sound and vibration.
  • The optimized mounting system greatly reduces vibration.
  • Electronic frequency control - a must for digital appliances and computers requiring quality power.
  • Cummins Onan marine generator sets are emissions certified to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II emission standards.
  • The Quiet Diesel Series models are the first marine generator sets with self-monitoring capability and network communication.
  • extensive five-year Limited Warranty is completely transferable, providing owner peace of mind.
  • More than 70 years of marine experience stand behind every Cummins Onan Marine generator set.

2- Accessories and Parts for Marine Generators (fig.2)

fig(2) : Accessories and Parts for Marine Generators

For ongoing satisfaction with your Cummins Onan Marine generator set, Cummins offer a complete line of accessories, replacement parts, oil and maintenance chemicals. All parts are packaged for correct selection, plus convenient on-board storage. More important, Cummins parts and accessories are tailored to your specific model. The corresponding literature, such as your operator's manual, provides specific instructions about how and/or when the accessories and parts can and should be used. 

Cummins Onan Recreational Vehicle (RV) Generators 

The power in your “home away from home” should be no less dependable. Cummins has set the standard for quiet, reliable and innovative RV power for over 80 years. Choose from a variety of diesel, gasoline and liquid propane generators and accessories, all backed by a worldwide service network dedicated to enhance your RV lifestyle. Technological advances like remote-start controls and installation-friendly automatic start systems can bring a new level of convenience and enjoyment to your travels.

  1. Diesel and Hybrid RV Generators 
  2. Gasoline RV Generators 
  3. Propane RV Generators 
  4. Energy Command Controls 

1- Diesel and Hybrid Generators 

fig(3) : Diesel and Hybrid Generators

Standard diesel and hybrid diesel generator sets provide computer-controlled constant speed operation – quiet diesel performance for smaller RVs. Hybrid Quiet Diesel includes the power unit, transfer switch and inverter.

Features :
  • Special sound-controlling housing encloses cooling system and muffler. 
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting. 
  • Runs two or three rooftop air conditioners with power to spare. 
  • Easy, accessible maintenance points. 

2- RV Gasoline Generators 

fig(4) :  RV Gasoline Generators

Gasoline powered, 2500 watt generator. Perfect for travel trailers, truck campers, and folding camping trailers.

Runs one air conditioner with power to spare. Lightweight, compact, and easy to install. Easy maintenance with single-side service.

Features :
  • Low fuel consumption. 
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to install. 
  • Three–year limited warranty. 
  • Runs one air conditioner with power to spare. 

3- RV Propane Generators 

fig(5) :  RV Propane Generators

  • Built to deliver quiet, reliable power for SUTs, fifth-wheels and Type A and Type C RVs. 
  • The enclosed muffler and low vibration levels mean these generators are cornering the market on quiet. 
  • Also available in gasoline models, some with Electronic Fuel Injection 

4- Energy Command Controls (fig.6)

fig(6) : Energy Command Controls

Energy Command is a new line of remote power management panels that provides worry-free control for most Cummins Onan diesel, gas, or LP generators

Energy Command Features:

  • Automatic generator turn on to meet air conditioning demands for up to four units 
  • Regularly monitors and displays battery levels and provides power to the inverter to charge batteries 
  • Unique "look-ahead" feature tops off battery prior to "quiet time" 
  • Easily program your own "quiet time" hours and battery charging preferences 
  • Automatically starts/stops generator on low/full batteries 
  • Displays generator hour meter, maintenance reminders and diagnostic text messages for easy troubleshooting 
  • Safety start inhibits automatic generator starting in unsafe conditions

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