The Cummins Products Range for Cummins Onan

Cummins Onan branded products are designed, manufactured and distributed by Cummins Power Generation and include the following:

  • Cummins Onan Residential Generators 
  • Cummins Onan Commercial Mobile Generators 
  • Cummins Onan Marine Generators 
  • Cummins Onan Recreational Vehicle (RV) Generators

First: Cummins Onan Residential Generators 

This range of products includes the following:

1- Automatic Residential Standby Generators:see fig.1

featutres of this range of products:

  • Clean, quiet and neighborhood friendly
  • Run on either natural gas or propane
  • Linked directly to your permanent fuel supply
  • Permanently installed outdoors
  • Less conspicuous than a central air conditioner
  • Automatically keep homes running smoothly 
fig (1): Home Standby Residential Generators

Some types of this generators work with 60 HZ and others work with 50 HZ

2- Portable Residential Power Generators:

A Cummins portable generator provides dependable, safe, and easy-to-use power where you need it, when you need it. Our rugged, durable products can protect your home and family from a storm. They can drive away the night in a remote campsite. They can reach where extensions cords cannot and power up the tools at a residential or commercial job site. Versatility and utility mean a Cummins portable generator set.

Here are just some of the applications suitable for a portable generator:

  • Campsite power needs 
  • Ice-fishing house power for heaters, appliances or electronics 
  • Job site power for electrical tools 
  • Residential backup power 

This range of products includes the following: 

  • Portable Standby Generators 
  • Portable Inverter Generators 

3- Automatic Transfer Switches 

Second: Cummins Onan Commercial Mobile Generators 

The comprehensive line of generator sets from Cummins Onan Commercial Mobile Generators is designed for rugged applications and conditions including fire and emergency trucks, utility and telecom fleets and other specialty vehicles. Choose from a variety of field-proven models offering on-board and remote diagnostics and control, low vibration and noise, and high-quality output.

This range of products includes the following:

1- Diesel Generators:see fig.2

fig (2): Diesel Generators

Our Standard and Quiet diesel generator sets offer bullet-proof dependability. When low noise and low vibration are requirements, choose from this heavy-duty line of Quiet diesel products.

2- Gasoline Generators: see fig.3

fig (3): Gasoline Generators

These gasoline generator sets are designed to consistently perform in applications where dependability and high-quality power are essential. They are built to be the quietest in their class and the enclosed muffler provides easy installation.

3- Propane Generators: see fig.4

fig (4): 

Cummins offers LP Liquid- or LP Vapor-fueled generator sets with electric fuel solenoids. 

4- Hydraulic Generators: 

These hydraulic generators start under full load and run at the rated output, giving you all the power and performance you expect. 

5- PTO Emergency Vehicle Generators: 
see fig.5

fig (5): PTO Emergency Vehicle Generators

Protec PTO generator models are specifically engineered for mobile emergency vehicle use with a field-proven design for high performance and long life. 

In the next topic, we well know the other products from Cummins Onan like Marine & Recreational Vehicle 
(RV) Generators.

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