Course ED-1: Construction Drawings

Definition of construction drawing: see fig (1)

It is a means of showing in a graphical form the shape, size and position of a building on a site, together with the composition of the materials used and the way the building is to be constructed or put together.

The information on construction drawings has to be presented in a precise, unambiguous way so that it can be understood by anyone with knowledge of draftsmanship and construction.

fig (1) Example for Construction Drawings

It should be borne in mind that the contractor’s staffs using the drawings on a construction site often work under difficult circumstances, and the quality and clarity of the drawings should reflect this fact.

The term construction drawings include not only the architectural drawings but also structure drawings and building engineering services (electromechanical services) drawings.

There are two stages used to prepare construction drawings as follows:

  1. 90% Construction drawings. 
  2. 100 % Construction drawings. 

First: 90% Construction drawings:

  • Transition of the design development drawings into detailed and coordinated drawings sufficient to enter into a contact for construction. 
  • Demonstration of drawings to be developed in a manner that is consistent with project requirements, project budget, project schedule, design development drawings, discussions and decisions. 

90% Construction drawings are made Based on the approved design development documents and any further adjustments in the scope or quality (material standards) of the project or in project budget authorized by the owner or his representatives.

  • Updated space comparison report.
  • Updated cost estimate.
  • Updated sustainable design status report.
  • Updated commissioning plan.
  • Updated projected energy usage report with calculations. 
  • Design intent and basis of design report. 
  • Facility user manual. 

Second: 100 % Construction drawings :


  • Issuing final construction drawings for final review by the owner and his representatives. 
  • Resolving and incorporation of All written government review comments.
  • Preparing final construction drawings that are ready for bidding phase. 


100% Construction drawings are made Based on the discussions, notes and approvals done by the owner or his representatives on the 90% Construction drawings.

  • final space comparison report. 
  • Final cost estimate. 
  • final sustainable design status report. 
  • Final commissioning plan. 
  • Final calculations. 
  • Final Facility user manual. 
  • Final project energy usage report. 
  • Quality assurance plans for both wind and seismic requirements. 
  • Final Design intent and basis of design report. 
  • Statement of work 

fig (2) signed, sealed and dated drawing

These drawings shall be signed, sealed and dated by The professional engineers with respect to the specific field of registration. see fig (2)

In the next Topic, I will explain other drawings types like shop drawings.

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