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Custom Cat® 3508 Petroleum Genset Overcomes Tough Conditions to Power Operations at Libya’s Amal Oil Field 

Cat® 3508 Generator Set with customized desert enclosure 

Harouge Oil Operations, with offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya, recently approached its local Cat® dealer, Meditrac, with a custom power package request. Harouge operates four oil fields as a joint venture between the National Oil Corporation and Petro-Canada. The company explores and produces petroleum from eight concessions in Libya. 

“Management at Harouge Oil Operations approached Cat dealer Meditrac Libya for a customized power solution to provide electric power for a down hole pump located in Amal Field,” explains Lyle Kemper, Senior Project Engineer for Caterpillar Global Petroleum. 

Amal Field is Harouge’s largest oil field that includes eight different reservoirs ranging from a minimum depth of 2300 ft. to more than 12,000 ft (700 – 3700 meters). Amal Field is directly and indirectly responsible for around 400,000 barrels of oil per day, equivalent to around one-third of the national production. 

For this project, Harouge requested a customized enclosure for operation in a higher-temperature environment. Environment was a key factor for this application. Due to the extreme temperatures, and blowing sand, this solution required a customized container, specialized radiator and generator. 

Cat® 3508 Generator Set with customized desert enclosure

Responding to the customer’s needs, Caterpillar Global Petroleum and Meditrac provided Harouge with a purpose-built Cat 3508 generator set with a customized desert enclosure appropriate for the high temperature petroleum environment. The rest of the package is completely customized for a 55-degree ambient, dusty environment and includes:

• A generator with Digital Voltage Regulator rated at 500 ekW prime 

• A custom EGCP generator control panel 

• A skid-mounted desert enclosure with crane lifting points 

• Sand trap louvers and collapsible hood air intake system 

• Switchgear 

• Complete exhaust system with heat insulation 

• Roof-mounted, hospital-grade muffler 

• Access doors for equipment and personnel 

• Fire detection and suppression system 

The most customized part of this solution is the sand enclosure. Built to withstand flying sand, the enclosure is equipped with collapsible and motorized sand louvers that can be electronically opened and closed to keep sand out. These louvers filter air and sand, 

trapping the sand before it reaches the generator set. The sand falls to the floor and can be cleaned out periodically. 

Cat® 3508 Generator Set with customized desert enclosure 

Also inside the container is the customized switchgear, as requested by the customer. 

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