Electrical Drawing Details - Group no.(3)

this group of electrical drawings details include the following :

  • Highbay light mounting detail 

  • MICC in conduit mounting detail 

  • Surface mounting lighting fixture detail 

  • NEC 820-40(a) thru (d) 

  • Connection to room grounding bus 

  • Recessed mounted luminaries 

  • Transition cable tray to conduit 

  • Connection to reinforcement detail (roof) 

  • Lightning protection arrangement 

  • Down conductor 

  • Down conductor (structural steel column) 

  • Typical drawing detail of motors 

  • Cable tray crossing expansion joint 

  • Socket outlet installation (Non-insulated wall) 

  • Power supply to roof mounted exhaust fan 

  • Exterior lighting installation detail (direct buried cable) #1 

  • Video door phone installation detail 

  • Lighting pole base detail 

  • Roof mounted extract fan grounding 

  • Exterior lighting installation detail (direct buried cable) #2 

to download the Electrical Drawing Details - Group # (3), please Click Here or Here

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