Electrical and Traffic Engineering Manual

Electrical and Traffic Engineering Manual (2019) 

Guidelines for the Design of Lighting, Signal and Sign Installation


The purpose of this manual is to establish uniform design guidelines for lighting, signal, and sign installations.

The intended audience for this manual includes in-house designers, consultants, reviewers and managers. The manual covers a variety of topics and is designed to be used as both a text and a reference manual.

This manual is not intended to be a substitute for sound engineering knowledge and experience. Designers are encouraged to be innovative and to employ the principals of “value engineering” to all designs. Designers shall review concepts presenting good value with the Ministry Electrical Representative prior to proceeding and to provide documentation outlining the justification for new initiatives.


A structured number format is used to order the information in this manual.

This format allows each point to be referenced using a unique identifier, so the reader can refer to, or find a specific point quickly and easily.

This manual is divided into sections, chapters, clauses, sub-clauses, paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and sub-sub-paragraphs. Each element is numbered sequentially, with sections beginning at the highest level. The numbering for all other element begins with the section number. Table 1 describes each element and gives examples.

Table 1

Using this format it is easy to identify any part of the manual. For example,

if you wished to find Chapter 302.1 Paragraph 3.2, you would refer to section 300, chapter 2, clause 1, paragraph 3, sub-paragraph 2.

Drawings are located in the appendices. 

to download the Electrical and Traffic Engineering Manual , please Click Here.

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