Transformer types

A-According to transformed voltage level:
·        Step up transformer
·        Step down transformers

B-According to construction:see fig.1
·        Core type
·        Shell type

fig.1:Core and Shell types

C-According to application
·        Power transformers
·        Distribution transformers
·        Instruments transformers
·        Rectifier transformers
·        Earthing transformers
·        Pole mounted transformer:see fig.2
·        Furnace transformer
·        Regulating transformer (Auto transformer)
·        Isolation Transformers

fig.2:Pole mounted transformer

D-According to insulation and cooling materials
- Oil immersed transformers: see fig.3
- Askral transformers
- Silicon fluid transformers
- Dry type transformers:
-Normal type
-Cast Risen type
-Gas filled type

fig.3:Oil immersed transformers

E-According to number of phases
·        Single phase
·        Three phase

F-According to windings connection methods:see fig.4
·        Star-Star
·        Delta-Delta
·        Star-Delta
·        Delta-Star
·        3-Windings Star-Delta-Star
·        Scott Transformers
·        Zig-Zag Transformers
·        Tap-Changing Transformers

fig.4:windings connection methods

      G-K-factor transformer

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