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Whether for infrastructure systems, industry or households – transformers play a key role for a reliable power supply. As a customer, you quite rightly place the highest demands on reliability, cost-effectiveness and operation time. In more than 100 countries and for more than 100 years, transformers from Siemens are synonymous of top quality – as a result of ideas, knowhow and unequaled experience.

The right transformer for your task

You need a product that exactly fits your task. We provide the right transformer for every requirement - from compact distribution transformers through to large pwer transformers with ratings over 1000 MVA.

Our product range:

Only a company that offers a complete product range can really cover all of your requirements. Siemens has put this fact into practice. For every required power, every voltage, every cooling method and every operating mode.

1: Generator step up transformers
2: System interconnecting transformers
3: Phase shifters
4: Reactors
5: Transformers for HVDC
6: GEAFOL cast-resin transformers
7: Oil distribution transformers and voltage regulators
8: Special-purpose transformers
9: Line feeding transformers
10: Traction transformers

you can watch the Giant 800 KV transformer video ,click Here

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