Medium Voltage Design Guides

Basics for MV cubicle design 

This guide helps you to carry out the calculations required to define and determine equipment dimensions and provides useful information enabling you to design your MV switchboard.

Goals for this design guide: 

  • Present MV products and equipment and their environment. 
  • Facilitate their choice, according to a normative system of reference. 
  • Provide design rules used to calculate the dimensions or characteristics of an MV switchboard. 
to download Basics for MV cubicle design , please click Here

MV Application catalogue 

The Medium Voltage Application Catalogue is a tool for all Medium Voltage equipment designers.

Purpose of this application catalogue: 
  • To help you produce Medium Voltage switchgear assemblies which include Schneider Electric components 
  • To help you specify standard solutions.
to download MV Application catalogue , please click Here

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