Introduction to NEC Code– Part Two

Before proceeding with discovering what the NEC code is, we need to answer the question in the previous topic which is what is the difference between the meanings of “OR” between the two following sentences?

  • I can see by the right eye or the left eye or both.
  • I can eat by using a spoon or fork.

The answer is that OR in the first sentence means that some items of a group can be used separately or grouped to do action I.e. they can be used at the same time.
But in the second sentence OR means some items of a group can be used alternatively to do action I.e. they can’t be used at the same time.

3- How and Why Theory?

If you want to study, understand and apply NEC rules, you need at each rule to ask yourself how and why?

A question like; How to run conductors in metallic Raceway? Its answer will inform you the correct method to do it.

But the question why we don’t run conductors separately in metallic raceways? It answer will inform you the reasons.

So, for every rule in the NEC code you must write your own rules which contain the answer for these two questions how and why?

Write your own rules by this method and I promise you being a Professional in the NEC code.

4- Information Searching methods in NEC code:

Even NEC code professionals will not be able to mention every rule and its exceptions. So, they need to search for specific information in the code, the method they doing this search is different from the one did by unprofessional people and also speed of getting search results will be different.

Let us see how the regular people search?

  1. They use the NEC code index which lists the NEC subjects in alphabetical order.
  2. They will get, under specific subject, several sections, articles and parts numbers but without direct page numbers as regular books do.
  3. They will need to search in all results to find this information moving in a circle from section to section and from article to another.

But for professionals, the search method will be as follows:
  1. Professionals will search by using NEC code’s table of contents.
  2. Professional will go direct to the section, article and part containing the needed information.

Both methods will let you catch the needed information but professionals did fast and easily information hunting while other people don’t.

You will need to download the following file which will help you to search in NEC code as professionals by pressing Here

Hint: please prepare an empty notebook 
and pencil from the next topic to began 
writing your own NEC code. 

In the next topic, I will explain the Layout of the NEC code.