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Cummins Main ProductsCummins complementary business units design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.

and here we will explain only the last product which is the power generation systems manufactured by Cummins Power Generation Inc.

Cummins Power Generation Inc. Product Lines which includes:
1- Cummins Power Generation.
2- Cummins Onan.
3- Cummins Generator Technologies.
4- Cummins G-Drive.

we will begin with the Power Generation Products which include:
A- Generator Sets.
B- Automatic Transfer Switches.
C- Paralleling Equipment and Switchgear.
D- Networks.
E- Accessories.

first: the Generator Set Products which include:
a- Diesel engine generator sets in the 7 kW to 2.7 MW range.
b- Spark–ignited natural gas/propane engine generators in the 7 kW to 150 kW range.
c- Lean–burn gas engine generators in the 315 kW to 2 MW range.
d- Rental Power Generators
e- DC Generators

a- Diesel Generator Sets (see fig.1)
Cummins diesel–powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW to 2.5 MW. These clean, modern diesels with optional exhaust aftertreatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. 


b-Spark–Ignited Gas Generator Sets (see fig.2)spark–ignited (stoichiometric) natural gas/propane engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 5 kW to 150 kW. These are suited to mid–size applications where onsite fuel storage is restricted, a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available or there are local environmental considerations. 


c- Lean–Burn Gas Generator Sets (see fig.3)Cummins lean–burn natural gas engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 315kW to 2 MW. These feature very low emissions and are suitable for prime power and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. Low BTU fuel option on specific models.

d- Rental Power Generators (see fig.4)
A new line of Rental Power units designed specifically for rental power applications are now for sale in sizes from 60 kW to 1000 kW.

e- DC Generators (see fig.5)Designed specifically for remote broadband cable, telecom&off-grid power sites, DCathlon® DC Generators seamlessly restores power should battery backup fail or prolonged power outages occur.

Second: Automatic Transfer Switches (see fig.6)
Cummins Power Generation automatic transfer switches feature microprocessor–based control technology for easy operation and robust, high–contact–force design to withstand thousands of switching cycles, ensuring reliable operation and service. our PowerCommand® transfer switches give you a range of controls for safe, dependable and easy-to-use power transfers for these modes: open-transition transfer, closed-transition transfer, programmed-transition transfer, bypass isolation (switch mechanism).


Third:Paralleling Equipment and Switchgear 
(see fig.7)
PowerComand Digital Master Control is a state–of–the–art, microprocessor–based paralleling system used with PowerCommand paralleling generator sets and switchgear in low– and medium–voltage applications.

Forth: Networks 
PowerCommand® software and networking tools let you easily manage on–site and off–site power systems from one location.

Fifth: Accessories A variety of accessories, ranging from expanded fuel tanks to weather-protective enclosures are available for Cummins Power Generation gensets.

in the next Topic, we will continue exploring the Cummins Products Range for Cummins Onan.

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