EE-2: Basic Electrical design course – Level I

Course Description:

This second level design course is intended to prepare the target persons with the ability to develop electrical schematic needed in concept design phase and perform load estimation calculations required in preliminary design phase noting that these calculations are explored in the context of National Electrical Code NEC.

The target Persons:

Design engineers, New graduate engineers, under graduate engineering students.

Skills Development:

On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

  • Collect all required Design input data
  • Understand client specific requirements
  • Recognizing local regulations and utility company constraints
  • Selecting service entrance location
  • Selecting of suitable power system architect
  • Selecting of major electrical equipments
  • Develop design criteria for any project.
  • Perform Preliminary electrical Load estimation calculations.
  • Create excellent knowledge base for next Level of electrical design course .
Architecture design process Levels

Course outline:

              1.  Introduction:

                                         . Architecture design process Levels
                                         . Architecture design process Steps
                                         . Application of Architecture design process

2.      Electrical installation characteristics:

                                         . Activity

·              Environmental constraints
·              Service index
·              Other consideration

·              On-site work time
·              Environmental impact
·              Preventive maintenance level
·              Availability of electrical power supply

·              Layout
·              Centralized or distributed layout
·              Presence of back up generators
·              Presence of UPS
·              Configuration of LV circuits

7.      Choice of equipment

8.      Recommendations for architecture optimization

9. Checklist for Electrical distribution Architecture design

10.    Solved Example

11. ID-Spec Software

12.      Preliminary electrical load estimation (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

13. Electrical Single Line diagrams (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

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